A Generation Defining Itself i am water to your jesus

see how the water
blushes red becoming
wine expressly to be drunk
to your intoxication
just because you touched it

see how the water
clings to you as you rise up out of it
throws itself at your feet
invites you to walk on it

just like me






"This book series is a platform from which a generation (born 1960 to 1982) is speaking out about its realities, dispelling the narrow, simplified stereotypes created by the mass media and commercial marketing. This book series now includes nearly 700 "voices" in essays, poetry, music lyrics, short stories and verse from more than 50 countries."

Reviews for "In Our Own Words"
"an eclectic sampling of the human condition in all its passions" ParisAtlantic
"collection kicks with 'x' poetry" The Michigan Daily
"consistently excellent and penetrating verse." The Times of India
"a project worth doing and worth reading" PopMatters
"lets the voice of its people sing like an anthem" Maelstrom
"a kaleidoscope of the post-Vietnam generation" BoekSpraak (Netherlands)

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