34 B

Huge mammoth hooters
mine are not.
My cup does not "runneth over."
But they're full
of personality
really outgoing.

Every time I
bend over low
they peek out at
the doctor's/salesman's/UPS guy's
to see him drop his

I like to display these
brazen bas-reliefs
on pedestals
like works of art
unveil them slowly

What could be better
than cherries
on top of ice-cream sundaes?

I have brought down
with these small missiles.
And while it is true
that I have used them.
I've always only used them
for good.

A Wonderbra?
That would be like
giving firecrackers
a pep talk
like asking helium
to rise.






Clean Sheets Celebrates the Erotic Mind
available from Amazon.com, Powels.com and most online book stores.

Editorial Reviews for Clean Sheets Celebrates the Erotic Mind:

Erotica Readers Association
Indigo serves up a finale reminiscent of Sheherazade, if she authored "The Story of O"... at turns edgy and tender.

Libido Magazine
Authenticity is the keyword to this anthology...with excellent essays tucked into the midst of hot stories and sexy poems.

Sexy, classy, hot, wild, and true, May 11, 2005
Reviewer: C. Merlote

"I think that what I most enjoy about the "From Porn to Poetry" books, as well as CleanSheets.com, the magazine they originate from, is that you can say something like "sexy, classy, hot, wild, and true" and be accurate in your description. The editor's name, Susannah Indigo, represents authenticity in writing to me, and all of her projects that I've read have been a cut above ordinary erotica. The mix of material in this book ranges from the down and dirtiest stories to elegant, sexual poems, and there's nowhere else you can read that kind of pleasurable mix. The subtitle is "Clean Sheets Celebrates the Erotic Mind," and that's how it felt to me after reading the book - like my "erotic mind" had been thoroughly and joyously "celebrated," honored, turned-on, and was raring to go.

Nothing in the book resembles cheap "Penthouse" stories; stunning stories by writers like Kim Addonizio, Maggie Gray, Mike Kimera, Greg Wharton, and Susannah Indigo herself simply leave you begging for more. I can't recommend these books enough to anyone interested in erotica; I've gifted friends with them and they all agree. They wonder, in fact, where I found them, since there's nothing in big bookstores done as well as this. Thank heavens for the web and the ability for small book publishers to put this cornucopia of erotica out there for us!"

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