(Sample from: The Consequence of Wings)

I toss my hair at
spread my arms to
the day.

I want to butterfly
from one moment
to the next
unfurl my proboscis
drink deep

have you
see through
the Ezekiel lenses
of my wings

you gasp
at my arrogance
in flinging
all those colours
(shimmer, shammer, hold me)
back in Sun's face.




The Consequence of Wings FootHills Publishing

The Consequence of Wings was selected to be in the MCBA's (Minnesota Center for Book Arts) 2005 "Bookish" Exhibition, a celebration of over 100 pieces of original artwork, housed at the Open Book. The Open Book was founded in 2000 by the Loft, Minnesota Center for Book Arts and Milkweed Editions.

Transcending myths and Gothicism, Annette Marie Hyder weaves metaphors of wings and flight patterns into a contemporary realm of love and living
something that is precisely real.
- Yong Shu Hoong

Annette Marie Hyder knows the true spirit within the human airfoil, heart-shaped and located in that land between the corner of the eye and the top of the heart.
- Jim Chandler, Thunder Sandwich

Annette whispers her personal-style poetry into her reader's attentive ears. Many of these pieces will remind readers of some of Britisher Phil Collins' songs. The honesty and candor give them both their unmistakable potency ...You'll find this poet's view of her world clear, penetrating and memorable. Annette indeed has "Wings."
- Paul Tylor

Annette Hyder is a masterful poetic craftsman. Her poems are exquisite reminders of just how wonderful the English language can be in the hands of a talented scribe.
- Michael Lohr

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