Like Some Sugar Loving Ant

Like some sugar loving ant
just lusting after its next fructose high,
I can carry 100 times my own weight
tiny crumbs of sorrow add up
enough to feast upon, and little leaf-cutter
jagged bits and pieces of my gnawed on dreams
make a nest in my twisted tunnel
beneath the heavy lawn.
I've got grasshopper
skeletons in my closet; aphid
impulses I can't control but still
I'm neat and tidy, every dark red chamber
immaculate as bone.
And I've heard of others lured;
drawn out by their own nature
to assay the swimming bowl.
My perceptions twitch
intuition feelers try to see
the tantalizing trap I sense
laid out for my particularities.
You have me
before I even ask if you are
the sugar-water dish for me.


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Like Some Sugar Loving Ant first publication credit, Samsara Quarterly
Also published in Atomic Petals

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