Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
an Excerpt


Cultivate The Narcissus In You

OK, I know that in the original story, as told by the Greeks, Narcissus didn't make a very good name for himself. Spurning all interested parties and letting it be known that he was far too good for anyone, mortal or god, he made enemies. He was cursed to fall in love with the next face he saw and was unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of himself in a still pool. Every time he reached to touch his reflection he moved the water and destroyed it.

Narcissus is held up as a warning against self-centeredness, a cautionary tale of what thinking too much of yourself can lead to, poster-boy, so to speak, for hubris. And then there's his eponymous flower, forever synonymous with his overweening self-love and gushing pride. But Narcissus wasn't all bad.

A little bit of narcissism, a syndrome named for the conceited Greek, can be good for a relationship. I think some of that self-love can go a long way toward keeping a relationship fresh and thriving. When we focus on ourselves, whether it's with lavish beauty treatments and timeless relaxation rituals or by simply turning our attention inward to ourselves, instead of the forest around us, it's a good thing.

Haven't you noticed that the vitality and well-being we feel, the renewed sense of pleasure in ourselves, spills over into the perceptions of others in our lives? It's as if a little bit of that silver water is sprinkled on our loved ones, sparkling their eyes with our loveliness, refreshing our skin to their touch.

So go ahead. Indulge. Think of how you can turn everyday mundanities into a celebration of you...

Get candy and flowers for yourself. Let the flowers be a bouquet, profuse and trailing, of Narcissus. Let the candy be the sweet savor of satisfaction that comes from treating yourself well. Once you've lain a few offerings at the "altar" of the self, you'll still need a reflecting pool to gaze into. You will already have that in your possession, the best reflecting pool being the twin pools of your lover's eyes.


Authors Note: This 1500 word article includes a sidebar of Narcissistic activities and a sidebar on how to help cultivate the Narcissus in others.

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