A small sampling of print publication credits in literature: poetry and prose

Aesthetica: two aspirin
A Generation Defining Itself: i am water to your jesus
Clean Sheets: 34 B
FootHills Publishing: The Consequence of Wings
Maelstrom: Sugar Loving Ant
Story House: Day Longs for Night
The World Book of Healing: tower
The World Book of Hope: Well my heart


A small sampling of electronic publication credits:

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature: Flash Fiction
Thunder Sandwich: My Voice is a Bird & poem in five cinques (broadside )
Eclectica Magazine: Winter Solstice Moon  
Blue Fifth Review: Wings & St. Paul's Cathedral
The Green Tricycle: Chronos is Coming & This Old House


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Plain Ink

Writing samples should be like "little dishes", tapas, a small tastes for your reading palate...


A small sampling of print publication credits in journalism:
magazine articles, reviews, and essays

Pantyhose Hair
Eat Your (Organic) Vegetables!
Happification Medication
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Over the Threshold
The Language of Flowers
"Take Care": How to Help a Friend in Need
Water, Bottled or Tapped Out?