Day Longs for Night

The night
lets down her long dark gypsy hair
spins on her bare feet,
to stomp her passion
for moths, black blooms,
bats and all things witchy.
The moonlight,
her Mona Lisa smile,
mysterious and subtle, suffuses her
wild beauty
with a gentleness so fragile
it can be broken by
the ephemera of clouds.
Pieces of her hair
catch in the swaying trees
to curl and dry by morning's light
into Spanish moss
as if the trees
could not bear
to let her go.
And she had no princess slipper
to leave upon the lawn
but she left dewdrops
crystal beads of perspiration
for day to come upon.
Day spends his time plotting
ways to find her in his arms -
the sunset a prayer, a beacon,
a campfire, for her wandering to find.





Author's Note: This is an unusual print credit in that Story House Coffee, features poetry, stories and essays on the labels of their coffee.

I like the idea of people reading my work as they prepare their first cup of the day. Something about it really appeals to me. I picture the steam from their mug wreathing their face in warmth as my words percolate along their synapses...

Story House's motto is: "Quality Beans. Provocative Visions. For a damn thoughtful cup." I like that too.

They say: Every bean has a story. And we travel the world, looking for the right ones. Small estate growers. Organics. Beans you wont find on your own. And we won't roast 'till we ship. (Or you can order them raw, and roast them yourself.) But here's the kicker: our labels are as good as our coffees. Stories, poems, art and non-fiction. A lot of folks love what they read as much as what they brew. Tasty stuff, all around.

"We believe our words represent the heart of what it means to be human. And by sharing our words we come to know our neighbors and ourselves. Our beliefs, our passions, our tragedies, and our sense of beauty are all wrapped up in our words..
And so, at Story House, we share stories on the sides of our coffee cans!"

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