"Take Care": How to Help a Friend in Need
an Excerpt

Many Americans will be, and are being, affected by the slowing economy and job cuts. What can one do if a friend or relative is affected? We can certainly, in most cases, offer a couch to sleep on, a meal with our family, a shoulder to cry on. But these efforts, while appreciated, are not a permanent means of getting help to someone who has lost their job, might be in danger of having their electricity turned off, or needs help in obtaining food for their family on a regular basis for a while.

In each state, throughout the United States, there are agencies that are there to help in just such a situation. There are agencies with the specific mission of helping those having trouble meeting basic necessities such as food, shelter, electricity, transportation, childcare and health. This article is divided into those major needs and the resources available for each one. It is formatted so that you can tear it out, put it up on your refrigerator, share it with a friend and, if need be, refer to it yourself. Most of the agencies listed are government agencies. That means that the programs are your tax dollars at work. So, those availing themselves of the assistance provided can feel good in that, they are not only getting help but they are gaining access to help that they themselves paid for, when they paid their taxes. There are no fees and/or charges for the services outlined in this article. Services available may vary according to state and county.


Every living thing needs food and to have to worry about a basic necessity like that can take the spunk right out of anybody. Try making wise choices about an unexpected "career change" on coffee fumes and the memory of yesterday's bagel. Try helping the kids with their homework to the accompaniment of grumbling stomachs (theirs and yours).

There are three major government programs for families needing food assistance: WIC (Women, Infants and Children), MAC (Mothers and Children) and...


Authors Note: This 2000 word article covers Food, Shelter, Gas and Electricity, Health, Childcare, Transportation and Employment. It has addendum sidebars on free entertainment ideas and a "Quick Reference" column of agencies and phone numbers.

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